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In Greek mythology, the Gordian Knot was an extremely complicated knot tied by Gordius, the king of Phyrgia. An oracle predicted that the man who could loose the knot would become king of all Asia. Many individuals tried to undo the knot, but they all failed. In 333 B.C., Alexander the Great made his attempt. In an unexpected move, he took out his sword and cut through the knot. Alexander then went on to conquer Asia. "Cutting the Gordian knot" has come to mean solving a complicated problem through bold and decisive action.

Addressing our clientele’s business challenges requires creative power and practical expertise. We strive to demonstrate the imagination and engineering necessary to set us apart from the ordinary while providing solutions to help our clients become more efficient and effective.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems,

We are Gordian Innovation.

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Do you have a startup idea that will heavily rely on an app or website?

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Web Applications

Need something more than just a web presence? We can build you a custom web app to suit the needs of your users.

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You hired some programmers to build you an app or a site, things went horribly wrong, and you're still not sure why. Let us take a look at your code and see if we can help.

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